About Us

Organo Gram in nutshell is a way of healthy lifestyle. As the tagline speaks, it is for people and the planet, positively impacting the life of all those who are in. Small efforts from our home help us stay healthy and at the same time, collectively it impacts the planet making it little more sustainable. The need to “go green” has been felt across countries and communities; and we do have options to choose from many.

From using eco-friendly, recycled or renewable resources to reduce energy consumption and waste, there seems to be a universal thinking by businesses and people to protect our planet and do what we can to live a more sustainable lifestyle. India is rich in its centuries old tradition whether it is utensils or fabrics or our local cuisines. Each of our villages and the communities have their own designs and making patterns which are indigenous. By way of changing lifestyles, we have moved away from those and many of these products are now getting extinct. The makers are not getting a sustainable revenue out of this and so they too are moving away from these practices.

Organo Gram is a social business experiment intervening in this segment contributing to the local economy. We promote products from the village communities from across Kerala and South Indian peninsula at large. All the products are handpicked from the makers ensuring its authenticity. At one end we are trying to get the makers a sustainable revenue and at the same time the products are availed to customers on reasonable rates. We started focusing kitchen pottery as the primary product and then extended to cast iron and stone vessels, propagating the concept of ‘Healthy Kitchen”. As part of this we brought an array of pesticide free spices and condiments from the small farmers of Western Ghats without any added preservatives, colours or flavours. Organo Gram is still evolving and we appreciate the valued customers who opted a healthy life style by purchasing Organo Gram products through which they are giving hope to our Farmers, Artisans and their families.